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Malifaux & PW Demos at Sabrecon, Leicester


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Sabrecon is a small gaming covention run by the Leicester Sabres at Leicester Univestity on Saturday 24th March.

I'm planning to run Malifaux demos during the day, and then Puppet Wars in the evening. Any help would be most welcome (in which case we can modify the plan).

Attended this last year and had a good day in a modern open environment, and made some new friends.

Hope to see you there helping, or just for a game.



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This is great timing, just trying to learn Malifaux, live in cov so not far, and one of the few saturdays i have off!

Am I right in thinking i cant just tip up on the day and pay? also its not clear if I need to pay for my small people (boy9, girl8) dont suppose you have any idea at all

cheers in advance for your help, and sorry if its staring me in the face, i did have a nosy but wasnt sure :)

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Unfortunately I don't have anything to do with the organising event, so I don't know about tickets. Last year you could certainly pay on the day, and I doubt they'll charge for children. Suggest you drop them a line or post on their facebook page.

Anyway, looking forward to meeting you for a game.

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Here's some info from Sabrecon

Paying in advance is not mandatory, however the more people pay early, the more we can spend on the convention and prizes to make it an awesome day. Children under 18 are welcome, but we ask that they are accompanied at all times by a responsible parent or guardian. If children want to enter the raffle for the Millennium Falcon it costs £1 (for everyone else its free), ticket prices are as follows:

Sabrecon Tournament + Normal entry = £10, Normal Entry is £5, children age 10 and over = £1, children under 10 are fre

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Oshova and I had a great day. Much busier (and better organised) than last year, so we were running demos constantly throughout the day, including a multiplayer PW game.

Good to meet Groalshade (and his better half) and looks like we'll be following up with more activities in Leicester & Coventry later in the year.



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