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Marcus running the Hanged?


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Here's the idea:

Howl is an amazingly powerful ability (+3 Wp to friendly beasts, and -3 to all other models). I've been scouring the beast models, trying to find something to really take advantage of this, and I've come up with a couple of extremely good candidates. I'm trying to ignore the factor that is becoming ever more conditional - abilities that only affect living models (like terrifying and the Cerberus' roar):

Book One


... not much of anything on the Wp front

Other Arcanist Stuff:

... ditto


Hamelin (Some lovely control abilities. I'm a big fan of piper's lure personally)

Book Two


Shikome (couple of Rst: Wp spells and melee goes again Wp)

Lawyer (slow, but lots of Rst: Wp spells)

*Night Terror (Doesn't really fit the billet, but benefits the Wp reduction with the Cold Darkness spell trigger: -2 Wp in an aura)

Other Arcanist models:

Kaeris (Immolate, which has Rst: Wp is a (1) spell, which means it's Myrandable after a raptor strike and can do some fine damage)

Cassandra (Elegance, which could be good, but I think there are better ablities to use Howl on)

Corryphee (The blinding spell is a nice Wp resist melee bit of damage and mobilty)

Performer (Melee can go against Wp, as can some good control spells)


Librarian: (Good spells again)



then I came to Jack Daw.

The rest of the list is nice, but I'm not seeing a crew build around this (unless you want to do all showgirls, but I really want something devastating).

So here's the thought. I'm curious to see what people think:

30 pts.

Marcus (no avatar)

9+1 - JD

7+1 - Hanged

2 - Raptor

10 pts. to play around with (maybe 2 silurids)

If 35, add another silurid or drop the silurids for a shikome, a couple of night terrors, and SS. Or hell, even a second hanged!

The idea is to raptor the undead fairly early (just to double-check the rules, the way I see a raptor strike is that it would "damage" JD, allowing the enrage trigger to go off, making him a beast, and then the Dg is simply not converted to Wds). Then once you get into the fray of things, Marcus can Howl (without harming his crew too much). Marcus starts most rounds, Howling and (0) actioning a Hanged or JD to go next. Then Wild Heart or whatever he wants (dish the damage out, etc). The hanged's Whisper from Beyond (against a model with -3 Wp) can wreck. Do this multiple times, and hell, your raptor can pick apart the bones. Against a -3 Wp, it's extremely difficult to resist the spell, and it's relatively easy to pull off.

Also, with Marcus in the front, you can use JD to move the Hanged up (just keep him out of melee range of Marcus).

Now obviously, there are negatives to this list (possibility of Immune to Influence chars, less mobility than Marcus is used to, reliance on JD and the Hanged. But how fun would it be to make (for example) a whole mess of Alps to fall back after failing Wp->10 duals with only 1 Wp to work with. Order it correctly, and JD can make it so they can't cheat either. That's pretty vicious :)

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That could be a nice list vs Freikorps!

I don't really see why you want to beastify JD and Hanged, is it just to benefit from the companioning?

The list doesn't feel terribly fluffy, but why not!


I'd assume you'd beastify JD and the Hanged so they get the additional +3 from Marcus's Howl. Against non-Beast opponents, that'd be a 6 point swing.

Morgan Vening

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I'd assume you'd beastify JD and the Hanged so they get the additional +3 from Marcus's Howl. Against non-Beast opponents, that'd be a 6 point swing.

Morgan Vening

Yep, that's definitely one of the things. Great against Pitiful models or just any model that requires a Wp-Wp duel for any reason (looking at you Pandy). Being able to heal the Hanged/JD is nice too if they get into trouble. But don't forget about the (0) action that has a beast go next, as that's pretty important to this list as well.

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