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The Road to Adepticon is paved with Corpses Rancor709's tourney prep


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Hi Gang getting ready to do the final 3 month grind til adepticon and Malifaux fun. I'll be playing in the Team tourney as well as the 25 stone Story Encounters Tourney. Masters fell on two other events I wanted to play. But I am now prepping the crews for these two events and wanted to share the prep with community at large. I'll be posting in here from Time to update the status of the undead as I finish painting and assembling the last of the shambling horde and close in on final list prepartion. Plan to supplement with some Youtube fun as well.

This weeks Goals:

All Resser models assembled and primed!

At least 2 model fully painted

At least 1 game with a Resser Master

Wish me luck and I'll see you in Chicago!

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Got Team Practice in yesterday. Using the Adepticon team tourney rules as of 1/5/2011. Each team mate runs a 25 stone list with there own soulstone cache and card deck. All Team models are considered friendly models for the encounter. Unique is shared between the teams so no two Nino's but rarity is also shared. So both could have a set of twins, but both couldnt' have 2 sets of twins, or one have 2 and the other one as it breaks the rarity. List is fixed for the tournament

McMourning paired with Viks and Vonschill


Nicodem with Seamus

Shared Supply Wagon

Nicodem/Seamus Schemes-Breakthrough and assassinate on the viks

McMourning/Viks Schemes-Holdout and bodyguard McMourning

Net Result 8-0 for the Mad Hatter and the Gentleman Necromancer. We need more practice as we were no where near the two hour time limit for a round. It was a very good learning game and we discussed strategy with our opponents who are also in the team tourney.

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How many turns did you get through?

When we ran a tune up team tournament last month we seen most games only going 3-4 turns. We have had discussions with the Henchmen organizing the tourney at Adepticon about extending it to 2.5 hours.

Because the team tourney is going to be running into one of the masters tournament in the evening, I think 2.5 hours is about the most he could extend it.

At 2.5 hours games should go 4-5 turns with a chance at the full 6 if the two teams were moving along.

It does take practice with your partner so as to minimize the discussion time on your tactics/decisions between activations.

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Ha ha. Silly me... I had no idea that sue was a guy and for some reason I didn't make the connection between the model and listening to Johnny Cash when you were talking about it on Ep. 2. But now that I see the connection I NEED that model! I listen to Cash every day. And the model looks amazing.

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Allow me to expound on my last point.

I love Book 1 masters, I feel they don't get the love they deserve anymore because of the glory that is book 2. When I got back into the game I wanted to showcase my faction without the spirit master additionally one of my regular opponents first crews was Kirari and didn't want to mirror match. As I have progressed over the last few years with malifaux, the iconic book 1 resser masters have been what have inspired me in the game. So at adepticon story encounters and if I decide that I want to double duty, the masters will be strait book 1 ressers and molly as an option.

But I'm also some one who likes to make what isn't considered optimal into something that is difficult for my opponents to deal with.

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Spelling is not one of my strong suits, Business degrees fail to provide you with the mastery of english spelling, which is why my wife has an English degree and frequently checks my spelling.


Built the Good Doctor McMourning today along with his Zombie totem. Built out my second pack of Mindless Zombies, and built my second blister of Night Terrors.

Should be having a game or two this evening, havent' decided who gets the spot light tonight, but I know I'm playing against arcanists.

Alright time to paint some doggies be back with an update later.

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