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Inyuktuk Tribesman


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Protip: I'm sketchy at best with December Lore, but I just read a really dope short story about Inuit rituals.

And how some Native Americans would handle their dead.

So I thought of a cool mechanic and whatnot.

The word Inyuktut is Inuit for something along the lines of fish.

I honestly don't know, and it's probably misspelled.

Apologies to any native speakers.

The rest of the words are just made up and attempted to stay within the confines of what would work.

And yeah, I'll expand the flavor text bit with an involving story and whatnot some day.

Also, I don't have any books with me so I'm bound to get some stuff wrong

Day I Expedition

"Hiking this week, in the Mountains this time. Must remember to steer clear of the Cult, should be okay. Myranda seems edgy. Says she "Feels something in the wind."

Perhaps it is just the fridgid cries of the north, perhaps it is more.

We broke camp and heard howling throughout the Night. It was of nothing I had heard before and unlike any beast. I went alone to prospect, it took long but I tracked down the source of the noise.

I saw the fire from the top of one of the hills, I saw the dancing shadows of a group. I was perplexed... Even after my extensive research into the area, I was unaware of an expedition. I must carefully approach, the Guild must be up to something.

Four men, guild guard for certain, very underdressed for the harshness of this enviroment. Odd enough as it were, there were patches of trees this far out. I know not why.

Day II, Expedition

Myranda has found me, clever girl. We have watched from a distance now, this group of men. They are going somewhere with purpose, but I know not yet where. They carry with them a satchel that gathers my attention often. We must wait and see.

Again the Howling, but I know now that it is not from these men. They sleep, and mourn one of theirs lost in a crevasse today. This howling, what could it be?"

Day III, Expedition

The men are on the move again this morning. Myranda and I will continue to follow them. It appears as though they are not in fact lost. They travel with a map. I shall follow them further."

"Night has broken, the men sleep. Myranda draws in the snow. I watch."

Day IV, Expedition

"I write now hurried. What I witnessed today was an act I have never seen without my own intervention. A group of tribal beasts, I know not yet from whence, came and slaughtered the Guardsmen displaying tactical knowledge. I must pursue."

Day V, Expedition

"So little time to write so many things. These Beast-men speak in tongue and have developed a Tribe. Evolution, dear Journal, is before me!"

Day X

"I have let them spot me, and they approached with an akward kindness. They are apprehensive towards me but I have assured them that I shall do them no harm and I do intend it. Myranda has been commanded to stay hidden, however. In case the need arises, of course.

Day XV

"I have finally, after several days of manual toil, been allowed to speak to the Chief of this tribe. An exciting day indeed! I go now to meet him."

"The Chief spoke broken but understandable english. His name is Balthokh and he offered many gifts in exhange for knowledge of our world, the world of Malifaux. I stand now at the precipice of change, and I do certainly plan on leaping directly in.


"The Chief allowed me to witness a sacred ritual this day, and I am honored. He brought with him a ceremonial knife to the corpse of one of their dying. As the chief came to his dying tribal, the younglings began to hum a beautiful hymn for the beast-man. The Tribesman laid upon the ground and began to smile as his Chieftain plunged the blade into the poor soul's heart.

Before my very eyes did the Roots of the Earthen floor consume the body and sprout a young tree.

The forest I had seen earlier this month was not a forest at all, but a Graveyard.

I have learned that the Tribal slain was the Chieftain's own son. This is all so beautiful that I have shed a tear."


They call themselves the Inyuktuk and know of December. It appears as if they have had contact with the Guild as the Chieftain seems to fear for his people. I have told him that my associates and I will do all that we may to protect them should the Guild do anything of ill repute.

Day 25

Inyuktuk trappers have spotted a Guild detachment. The Chief was correct. His people prepare for war. I smell raptors.

Day 26

Austringers have sent down their Raptors to assault the tribe, but I have fended them off. The Raptors had given me the location of the Austringers and Myranda has dealt with them. I know not what has the Govenor General so interested in this lowly tribe but I shall not abandon them.

Day 27

Guardsmen marched on the village but were slain. The Chieftain has invoked what they call Inyuktabin in preperation for the rest of the forces to come. I do not know what this entails.

Day 28

I have witnessed Inyuktabin and am sickened. Perhaps these creatures are viewed as an affront and Justice has been dispatched.

Day 31

The Inyuktuk have won but must relocate. Balthok has pledged the allegiance of his people to me, but I know not if that is what I desire.

- Marcus

- - -

Inyuktut Tribesman

Beast, Graverobber

Soul Stone Cost 4

30 MM Base

Wk/Cg: 4/7

Ht: 2

Wp: 4

Ca: 5:tomes

Df: 4

Wd: 6

Yukyuk Spear

Rg::ranged 8

Cb: 5:crows




Rite of the Inyuktuk: If this model is killed, place a 3" by 3" Forest terrain piece completely covering this model's base before it is removed from play. This Terrain may be place in or on other model's bases.

Frozen Heart: Not 100% what it says.

Inyuktuk Hide Armor: Armor +1. Models targeting this model with a Ranged Attack receive -1 Cb for the Attack.

Hunter of the Frozen Wastes: This model ignores Obscuring Terrain.

Gunfighter [Yukyuk Spear]


Yukyuk Spear: This weapon receives +1 Cb and +1 Dg when making a Melee Strike.


(1)Devour Corpse: Discard 1 Corpse Counter within 3" or carried by this model or a friendly model. This model makes a Healing Flip.


Cb(:crows:masks)Pungi Tip [Yukyuk Spear]: Poison 1.

Df(:tomes)Nomadic Strife: After Attacker misses this model with a Ranged Strike within 8" of this model, this model makes a Yukyuk Spear Strike targeting that model.


(1)Inyuktuk Hospitality

(CC: 12:tomes/ Rst:-/Rg: 4)

AR: Discard a Corpse Counter. Target friendly model makes a healing flip and receives a cumulative -2 Wp until the end of the Encounter. If target model has the Beast characteristic, it does not receive a penalty to Wp.


(CC:13:crows:tomes/ Rst:-/Rg: 6)

Target Forest Terrain piece generated by the Rite of the Inyuktuk ability. Discard one Corpse Counter and summon one Inyuktuk Tribesman in base contact with target Forest Terrain piece. Remove that Forest Terrain piece from the game. This model reduces its maximum Wd by 2. Summoned Inyuktuk Tribesman receives the Undead characteristic until the end of the encounter and loses the Rite of the Inyuktuk ability and the (All)Inyuktobin spell.

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Screw it.

Can't remember the bossman's deal.

The idea was that they were stuck in combat, locked crap up and died while the boss manipulated terrain to help the rest of your crew get objectives done.

The healing was so that Marcus could heal easier without Rasputina or Ramos or Colette(More of a screw Colette deal) benefitting from it, too much.

There was going to be an ability that made the Boss make a ranged Strike, and if he succeeded, up to two of his lackeys would also make a ranged Strike.

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