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Il Duce/Male Gunsmith?


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On a side note, love that one of the Saints is on The Walking Dead.

Off Topic: I love Walking Dead... haven't caught up yet... I get very... emotionally invested in it... but I have enjoyed what I've seen (I blame sKeTCH) ;)

Back on Topic: Taken a look at the female gunsmith? Anybody watched The Matrix lately? or Farscape.... 0_0

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I really really REALLY need to learn to touch my eyes so I can wear contacts. That way I can wear sunglasses (or at least take my glasses off), get me a nice peacoat, black turtle neck, combat boots and be a saint. Sure, I'll never be THAT badass but I can pretend...

Hmm new clothes or new Malifaux crew... I think I'll take the clothes this time.

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