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epoxy putty


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I'v no idea how to correctly spell epoxy. This is my best guess.

I want to sculpt my own Ashes and Dust, can anyone recommend a good putty and a good place to buy - UK? (linky?)

I'm very familiar with green stuff, but I don't like the GW style ribbon as it always has hard lumps at the join. So either green stuff seperates or another putty would do. What about milliput?

Please recommend.


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Milliput is good and cheap, but it is very sticky, so it might take you some time to get used to this product. You definately need to work with wet tools. The other option is to wait about an hour after mixing the putty before you start using it, this way it will be less sticky. Cheapest place to buy would be Maelstrom games online store.

If you are willing to go with more expensive epoxy putty, I strongly suggest the P3 modelling putty (made by Privateer Press). Well, I say expensive, but it's still cheaper than GW's green stuff...

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You can get huge lengths of green stuff off ebay. I bought 36" for about £10. I keep the bulk of it it in the freezer (just tearing off about 6" at a time) and have never had any problems with lumps.

A friend (Mako, on the forum here) recommended Fimo. It can be resculpted as long as you like until it is cooked.

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