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Hey guys,

Name is Tex, Friends got me into this game over Christmas. Just having a problem figuring out which models to buy. I am playing Kirai but my FLGS does not allow us to thumb through books to find out what we want for our forces or if the book is worth buying for us. Where would I go to find out stats and things like that for figures? I only ask because I already bought some models and my friends told me they don't work efficiently with my force and I would like to avoid this again.

I am wanting to do an all Asian themed force Ten Thunders Brothers the whole 9.

Thanks in advance!

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Anything resser (green stripe on the boxes) can be used with your crew. Jack Daw and the Hanged are good additions to your crew, as are the drowned. There is a Thread in Malifaux Matters for ressers, I'd post your question there. They'll be able to help you more than me. You are looking for models with the Spirit characteristic for the best cohesion.

Also, I'm really sorry about your flgs... It's super dumb that you can't crack a book to look up models. There is a fan made wiki (pull my finger) that might help, at least a little.

Welcome to Malifaux, and good luck!

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Welcome to Wyrd!

While we don't have the stats online, you can use the Crew Creator on Malifaux.com and that'll allow you to see how to build your crews, what will work with them, etc and should give you a good idea on what you 'can' do.

Synergy, that's another thing. Forums here are good for asking questions, some of the folks here also go together and made a wiki called 'Pull My Finger' (if you like Gremlins, you'll get it), and so forth.

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