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Some substitute models


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While I do quite like Wyrd's models there are a few that don't really do it for me and so I went looking for alternates. Here's some that I thought could work well.

Alternate Misaki:


I really like this figure and I'm not all that fond of the official Misaki model. The only down side I see is that she's got a big sword instead of the bisento but I can let that slide. I've ordered one and plan to paint her with lots of jade (where the gold is on the pic at the link above) and then black or maybe white cloth. Another possibility:


this one is more dynamically posed but is carrying paired swords.

Alternate aZoraida


I love this model. And I love the idea of painting up a black Zoraida with this as the voodoo-priestess young aZoraida. She's got cards, she has a snake. She has the 'Fro! Win.

Alternate Alp


Freaky evil fetus creatures? I think that'll work for the mind bending nightmares.

Alternate Haemlin the plagued (or avatar)


Maybe better as the avatar version so it's like the corruption within finally explodes out into plain view.

Alternate Ten thunder brothers


One of several possible replacements for the TTB I've found. I like that it has a more Mongolian look.

Alternate Marcus


Obviously heavier on the druid vibe but I like it.

Alternate Perdita (or avatar)


Cowgirl riding a dinosaur. What's not to like? Might work better as the avatar since she's supposed to be mounted anyway.

Alternate rider


I really like this guy for one of the rider models (probably the hooded or dead riders).

Alternate Grave Spirit


The Wyrd Grave Spirit is one of their few models I really actively dislike. This is way better than an old guy with a miner's hat.

Alternate young Nephilim


Who says they have to be boys?

Alternate Wicked Doll


Looks a bit more wicked (and disturbing) than the Wyrd ones.

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here is another - Nurse -


somehow it's more sexy - and what I don't like in Wyrd's models are the huge syringes, which are much more normal on this model. + she's sexy as hell :) which goes more in hand with her rules in the game...

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I have a couple of alternative (very) despirate mercenaries:



And Mc Vey's Isabella - but she is resin caste and has already lost her cigarette before being painted.


I also have a Mad Puppet's Necromancer for a Black Blood Sharman - also on the to do list.


I prefer metal figures but had to make an exception for Isabella!

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2 things:

1. Unfortunately, the PP Bone Swarm is on a 40mm base. I have two, as they are recently re-released as Minion light warbeasts. There is no way they'll fit on a 30mm base. The bottom is more than 30mm in one direction, and they stand about 2 1/2" tall.

2. I recently purchased the Studio McVey Azumi model. IT IS FREAKING AWESOME!!! (Also, it's a limited run of 750 models. Get it while it's hot!)

EDIT: Also, my Azumi is #237 and I ordered it at the beginning of December, they probably still have a few.

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I'm planning on getting Azumi as an alternate sword-Vik for a Japanese Yakuza Viks crew I have ideas for.

There's a female ninja by Taban that I'm going to use as Misaki. Generally it doesn't matter too much if the weapons a model has don't quite match what their stats say, as long as it's justifiable.

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