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5 or 6 player games?


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So, there seems to be nothing stopping us from playing 5 or 6 player Puppet Wars, except for the lack of pre-made boards. (and yes, it would probably take a while)

Has anyone tried PW with 5 or 6 players?

Does it work?

Does it get too crowded?

Do you have any suggested maps?

Does it take forever?

If noone has tried it, then please let this disolve into a discussion about the questions above :)

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I think more than four players will be a bit tough,but is possible.

You want a balanced board with neutral work benches spaced evenly between players. It uses a hex based board, so six players should fit a "hex-shaped" board (although you could play on squares). I think to play with more than four would require a larger board though. You would also not want to squeeze one player between two other players. I think ideally one player would be able to have a go at any other player. That must makes set-up harder.

It would take longer, but I wonder if one would run out of puppets as this game has a very high puppet mortality rate. Since I've only played with a toybox, I can't say how many puppets are left in a larger multi-player game.

Since you alternate movement actions, one player would not get too bored waiting for his/her turn. I think the flow of the game would be okay. Just make sure you have enough room for six players round the table/board. I would also expect more ties for who goes next.

I would suggest you try it on a terraclips board to see how much space you really need. Please report back on the forums. Maybe Wyrd will try a large multi-player game at GenCon next year as a test. I have a large soft hex matte that I can use wet erase markers to draw stuff (we mostly use it for D&D or Battletech).

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