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So...the Family and Convict Gunslingers...


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How viable is this list, and what (in your opinions) would be the best schemes for it? Admittedly, it's a very ranged attack list, well, minus the ones with Gunslinger.

(Before anyone asks, Abuela's there to give the CG Companion [Family].)

Guild Crew - 35 - Scrap

Perdita Ortega
3 Pool

+ Perdita, Avatar of Revalation

  • Abuela Ortega

  • Convict Gunslinger

  • Francisco Ortega

  • Nino Ortega

  • Santiago Ortega

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I used a list very similar to this one for a long time when I first got the Ortega set. My box set was missing Francisco so I used a gunslinger instead of him. What I found was that the basic Ortega list really needs a good melee minion or two.

What he offers is more good ranged attacks and another person who can do decent in melee. The downside is that there are guild minions who can do this better.

Death marshals and Witchling stalkers cost less points. Death marshals are almost as good at range and can melee. Witchlings are better at melee and can shoot as well. I think either of these choices and an additional 2 stones would be more efficient.

A question for you: Is it worth 7 stones to get another companion abillity?

The best schemes for this list would be ones which would allow you to defend a point and shoot whatever came towards you. One weakness of this list is movement. Except for Peredita, most of this list doesn't move very quickly.

Moving is the gunslinger's weakness. If he moves he can't rapid fire. Obey can help with this, but obey can also cause him to shoot more or be used on Nino late in the turn for a head shot. Another weakness is his range, which is charge range for many of the melee models in this game. While the gunslinger is decent in melee, he is not as good as most dedicated melee minions. (Young nephilim, ronin, witchling stalker, punk zombie, etc.)

He fits in really well with an Ortega list, but basically offers more of the same thing. If you like the model, than go for it.

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