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A little about me, I’m a former mindless GW slave (10 year bid) that got fed up (Or paroled) about 2 years ago. I’m simply sick of painting the same freaking model a 100 times over only to rinse and repeat as my army becomes obsolete in 3 months. So, I jumped to Warmachine. Love that game!

Anyways, at the behest of a good friend of mine, Eric J. aka Krimsonscythe, I gave Malifaux a quicky view and really like what I see. Love the humor, the mix of genres, the look and feel; have yet to play a game but I’m all about looks first.

Flash forward to last week where I flipped and flopped between the Dreamer and Leveticus but ultimately settled on Ramos. Why? Those freaking mechano-spiders are awesome! Ordered a few spider blisters, got Ramos and Coryphee for Christmas and ordered Kaeris as well.

So, I’m just sitting here waiting for my crew, rulebook, fate deck and some supplies to arrive and figured I’d introduce myself.

Oh, and I guess I’m supposed to say where I live and play at? Rockland County New York; suburbs of NYC. Lived all over NYC for years, born and raised, but wanted to move the family to a place with cleaner air, higher taxes and less bullets.

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For counters you have a few options. Several printable options available online. Printed on a nice card stock these can be very nice.

Heard of folks modeling there own on blank bases. My imagination bounds at how these could turn out.

The option I went with are some very nice wooden counters made by a company called Advanced Deployment. Wish I knew how to provide link. Going to have to learn how one of these days.

I'm sure google will pop them up with ease.

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Thanks for the advice and welcomes.:itsme:

In regards to counters, I think I may have to make some. I guess I'll need one "scrap" counter for each Construct? And one "body" counter for each living model? That's easy enough. But are there other counters needed for Ramos and his crew? I have yet to play a game and any advice would be great.

@Joe, do you own Legion too? Live in Jersey?

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How many scrap tokens you will actually need isn't necessarily as easy as one per construct. I believe some constructs leave more than one 30mm base = one token, 40mm 2, 50mm 3. But, you may find you don't have more than a few on the table at one time anyway as, hopefully, they're not all going to die at once. Make 3 - 6 and see if you need more is my advice.

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welcome on board & dont feel bad about painting the same figure hundreds of times its what most historical wargames do :crazy: but then I am one however they dont become obsolete 3 months later cos marketing has commanded the rules be changed to sell different figures. Warmachine is fun & Malifaux is quite as much fun just much more personal since you cant afford to lose models that often. Unless you are a rezer in which case all beta are off

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