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Some Gremlin help


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1 - Start off with one. Take a Rat, kill it with Larva to get a new Skeeter and heal the old one. Then proceed to make more via Git Yer Bro victims.

2 - Well, you need him at a Brawl for Gremlins. But honestly, he's very effective at missions like Destory the Evidence or Recon because he can keep making more guys. Aside from Ill Fated, the worse thing is hacing to pay stones for Ophelia.

3 - Nope.

4 - McTavish is out this month, with Peaches next month. Lenny is sometime down the line. Last we heard, Book 4 was going to be more Special Forces. So you can bet your bottom dollar we'll see more LaCroix.

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In regards to 1:

I typically run 2 for a "pig boomerang" list, the only time I run more is when I am planning on running the "Alpha Stank" and then I max them out. The usual advice though is to only take 1 or 2 actual skeeters along with 1 or 2 additional Rats as targets for Larva so you get the additional skeeters and also some free healing out of the deal.

In regards to 2:

Nope when you manifest Some'rs Avatar the original model is replaced with a whole new model and stat card. He changes from mainly a summoner to a buffing machine that also summons. The best part is he loses Ill Fated in the process.

In regards to 3:

Henchman are not actual masters so probably wont see Avatar forms until they develop a bit more in the story (perhaps becoming Masters first). Of course it is not completely out of the question since Candy does have an avatar form (though cant manifest on her own, she is part of the Pandora Avatar).

In reards to 4:

Other than whats been said already not a whole lot in the future.

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