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Raspy Crew For Sale


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I'm looking at downsizing my collection a little and I have the following.

Rasputina (Painted)

Ice Golem (Slight mod & Painted)

Ice Gamin (Painted) (one not in photo)

2x Dec Alcolyte (Painted)

Essence of Power (Painted)

Wendigo (Painted)

Silent One (Painted)

Snowstorm (Painted)

Myranda (Painted) (not in photo)

2x Raptors (NIB) (not in photo)

Below is a picture of most of the models listed above. I include Myranda in the list because she can be a major damage dealer if you make Raspy a Beast as a Raptor. I decided to keep Hans after taking the photo. Excuse the photo quality.

The list price according to the Wyrd store is 135$, I'll let it go for 95$ plus shipping. FYI I'm in Canada, and last box I shipped to the states cost 25$ for 3 day shipping. You can check my trade references on Battertown.com (same name cannonfodder), I'd like to sell as a lot.

Note: I laminated all 1 of each card type, and guarantee those cards (I only laminated 1 ice gamin v2 card, other 2 are not laminated).


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