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Rather than make a new thread every time I paint a new Malifaux miniature, I thought I would make just the one thread that I will update on a semi-regular basis.

It will also serve to document my progress as I apply liberal amounts of lubricant to my somewhat rusty painting skills.


First up is Taylor that was painted using NMM, my real first attempt, but its for a mate/client and that is what he requested. She is not standing next to a dildo, it is a Streets of Malifaux base insert. The photo is also kinda washed out, the hammer head is supposed to be glowing.


The first of my Arcanist crew. I do so love painting purple and it will be the primary colour of the entire crew, whether it be light, bright or dark. The yellow is just the Citadel Foundation Iyanden Sun over the CF Calthan Brown. Stuffed up the skin somewhat as well. Its summer here now and you really can't paint in the heat unless you have an airconditioner.


These really only count as one miniature. The metal is Mithral Silver with a watered blue wash and then drybrushed with mithral again. The cards have a simple crosshatch on the backs and ironically are all low denomination which is sadly rather fitting.

Tomorrow I will post up Johan, Steampimp Gigolo.

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Girl look at that body!

He is sexy and he knows it.


Skin is still too rough, but it was difficult to get the tone I wanted. I was constantly going back and forth. I put a wash over the purple cloak and its erased all my hard blending work, made it darker than I really wanted it to be. I am also annoyed with the shoulder thing, I...I don't even know what it is supposed to be. I am wondering if I erased a bit of detail I never even noticed.

I should probably have painted animal print pants instead of blue jeans.

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