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I like them. Very clean and the pinkish tones make them appear very bright.

One comment about the background if I may...when I shoot against a cloth background sometimes the camera picks up reflections of individual threads and I think that's what you've got going on, it ends up being a little distracting unfortunately and takes attention away from your good looking models. So for me it took a bit of experimenting until I settled in on a few different pieces of fabric, notably pastel/muted in color and with a really fine thread and high thread count. Certain pillow cases work well for me, and a few shirts even. A little experimenting with the camera and a dig in your closet and you should be able to find a good cloth background. Gray paper works great too, but I also like the cloth background.

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I build mine on playdo, it was pretty easy.

first drill out all the leg sockets (they are a standard drill size).

Mound the body on a wad of playdo.

try the legs, and see if the body need to move.

rough up all bonding areas on the legs.

put superglue/greenstuff/superglue on the legs (both ends) & place.



Remove playdo.

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