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alternate Book 2 Masters


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at the current pace Wyrd would be done with all new models in about 5 months without the alternative models, and then what ?

I don't think their releaseshedule is postponed by the alternates, its more like an additional gimmick.

its a good way of revamping sales for people delving into other factions/finishing out their faction. Have a bunch of crossover models already? get the new alternate master to dabble in other playstyles

edit: ive been tempted by the alternate pandora just to play it with jack daw and some hanged to be honest

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I think we need alternate sculpts for some of the the minions that are often used in multiples too.

Some examples would be Shikome, Silent One, Lelu & Lilitu.

Alps, Belles, Seishin, Rats, Stolen...the list goes on and on.

Sure, the Flesh Construct gets an alternate model, but the swarm models don't...

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