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To find Skeletons

Kael Hate

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20yrs Ago I acquired a facination with with Undeath and Lichedom. I wrote some literature back then and one of my favourite things was the Brass Skeleton. I've picked up a Leveticus crew and decided I want to pay hommage to the brass skeleton by using them as my summoned steampunk abominations.

I'm not finding any plastic skeletons I like. Can anyone help me? Metal is ok. They need to be weaponless. I need to be able to convert them to poses like on their knees or tearing out of there prior flesh. Any help apreciated.

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Whats a brass skeleton?

Figurewise. An unarmed Skeleton painted brass. Just need to find a clean set of figures.

Literaturewise. A Brass Skeleton is the bones of a corpse torn away from the flesh coated with molten metal. The Metal protects the bones. The bones give the necromancer the ability to give animation. In a steampunk world the metal body could be given the animation as a construct and the Master could attach equipment welding it straight to the metal bones.

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