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Help needed - Store with Malifaux in Munich?

Demonn Agram

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I've been talking up Malifaux to a friend of mine (also from Zagreb) and he's interested in buying some models/crews but would like to see the models in person. Unfortunately our LGS doesn't hold Wyrd products (yet :) ).

My friend is going to Munich in a month or so, so I would like to know any addresses of stores in Munich (preferably somewhere in the centre of the city or near) that hold a reasonable ammount of products.

Can anyone help me?


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Hi, I'm not sure if this thread is still alive, but maybe…

I'm from Munich, I tried to start with Malifaux here because I like the style and setting. But I wasn't able to build a group until now.

There are no stores in munich which sell Malifaux miniatures, alas. If your friend still lives here, maybe we can coordinate an order online if he wishes.

And maybe we can play sometimes.

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