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A (perhaps misguided) tale of 2 armies


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as a recent draftee into the ranks of Hungarian malifaux players, a friend and I have decided that since we both have trouble painting and gaming as much as we'd like, we would start off a project thread here so that we can receive tips and advice from players and painters more experienced then ourselves.

I made my first purchases yesterday (Viktorias box, Von Schill box, and the female variant of the desperate merc, as well as bases and other odds and ends).

The plan at the moment is to set out some parameters for ourselves (size of games, increment each month, painting requirements, etc) so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Meanwhile, I'm going to touch up the construction of my models, and try to hammer out a usable beginners list (any help here is welcome), and should have some pictures up before the end of the day.

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As promised, here as some pics of our current progress (bear in mind, Woodstock did get his set a while before mine, so a few bits are painted as you will see)

Without further ado, Viki(s) and Co.


Woodstock's completed mini:


And just as proof of my insanity, Von Schill in a top hat (couldn't resist)


That's all from me today, those tests won't revise for themsleves (sadly...)

Hope you like the work and stick around to see what's coming!

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Not quite yet, think I may stick with the studio scheme, although I've always liked winter camo from spec-ops stuff...

The Vikis gang will be all over the place though, to show their ragtag nature (gonna be adding some more details to the minis from some goodies I managed to grab at Games Day)

Hopefully I'll get the basecoat done tomorrow, and may even start with a test mini! (lookslike it'll be Johan, since I'm a bit rusty and he doesn't look like he'll see a lot of table time initially)

Stay tuned

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Thanks to the unseasonably warm weather today, I should be breaking out the spraypaint today. Expect to see some undercoated minis today. Hell, I may even touch my paint and brushes today!

Cool, can't wait to see progress! By the way, for some info on the masters/minions/etc, check out this site.

And if you wish to see my counts-as Viks pirate crew, check out my thread, the link's in my sig :)

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Thanks for the link, I'll probably be looking through the site for quite a while! Waiting for the schoolday to be over, and praying that the rain will stop (otherwise the garage may smell funny for a few days, but it's all for a good cause). Will share pics of any progress that I make

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Well, it ain't much, but a progress report is still a progress report! (don't worry, there may well be another one tonight)


The crew in all their dark (and yet to dry) glory

Going to be breaking out the brushes and trying to remember the basics tonight, so cheer for me! (I'll need a lot of luck to make something decent :P).

Just wanted to say thanks for the show of support so far, it's really helped my motivation! Woodstock, nice looking mini, can't wait to see the fully painted gang on the table against mine sometime soon :) (I'll try to put together some battle reports to show how grateful I am for the forum support).

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