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Mad Idea - Pacifist Crew!


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Was talking to a friend tonight about the fact that pretty much everyone in Malifaux more or less pillages and kills for their own benefit, which led to the question of 'where are the pacifists?'.

Naturally, I now have to make a pacifist crew. ;)


Neverborn Crew - 35 - Scrap

Zoraida, the Hag
6 Pool

  • Candy

  • Hamelin, The Ratcatcher

  • Insidious Madness

  • Insidious Madness

  • Performer & Mannequin

Zoraida and Hamelin have all kinds of buff and denial type spells, plus they "encourage" those evil warmongers to fight amongst themselves with a little help from obey. ;)

Candy does the same with Self Loathing, plus she gives delicious candy to everyone. ;)

The two Insidious Madness' help encourage the evil warmongers to run away, and improve the rest of the Pacifist's ability to sow discord.

Finally there's the performer. For once, I think I've actually found a reason to take her outside of a Colette crew. :D With the help of her trusty mannequin, she can paralyse, seduce, and steal I mean borrow soulstones off other models to her heart's content.

I simply must give this a try. All I need are a second insidious madness and the showgirl. :smugpuppet1

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