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Corpse/Scrap Counters: How much for levi ?


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so 20 overall ? I thought Leveticus would need less as he's converting models to abo's instead of dropping counters.

well, personally, when I get tokens, I like to have tokens for both me and my oponent to make use of. Something for everything I have, and some stuff for the stuff he has, and while chances are you'll want to use them to make stuff, you wont always have the opportunity

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as all my counters are fully build/modelled, based and painted, making some for my opponent would be to much work in my opinion ;)

well, not so much for your opponent, as much as to cover whatever models he has that might die for your benefit. In a perfect world, everyone would carry a supply of tokens for all their own models... more often than not i see alot of random coins, empty bases, random models on the table representing this and that

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