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Pale Rider Conversion


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I've recently found a lot of use with the Pale Rider in my crews, but hate proxying models. So, the only logical step was to convert something up to fill the role.

Since there are a limited number of options when it comes to horse riding gunslingers, I wanted to make the conversion worth its cost and appease the Wyrd tourney conversion rules (no more than 33% other game companies models). This way, when the official model comes out some day, all I need to do is pick up an official card and all will be good!

Anyway, I picked up a dead rider and turned to my old standby conversion miniature company, confrontation, to knock together this little number.



The biggest part of the conversion was giving life to the once dead horse. A few hours with a file and some greenstuff fixed this issue. Mostly just removing the bubbles (puss pockets?) from the belly of the horse and generally removing his spiky bits, for a more 'approachable' appearance.

The rider is the upper torso from a Griffin Fusilier. This guy in particular...


All I did was add a hat and remove the sash from the end of his rifle. Other than that, it was as if the two models were meant for each other.

The original idea was to greenstuff his duster to blend the two models together, but now I'm kind of liking him without it. We'll see...

I can't wait to get him finished and painted. Now I just need to come up with an idea for aHoffman!

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Thank you for all the comments, they are always a powerful motivator!

@Antizombie - thank you, that hat probably took as long to work out as I spent filing the puss pockets off the horse. That's a long time! but I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

@ Gollum528 & Bucket Monkey - My original thought was to curl, shorten and GS the dead riders horns, but luckily I found the ram horns (old GW skeleton sprue) in my bits box while looking for a suitable gear to support the raised hoof. I was quiet happy with how they fit!

@ Mr. Smigs - mistercactus is correct, the insert is from ironhalo, with some slight modifications using other watch gears.

@ Slimnoid - I'll be interested to see what you've come up with. This was a last minute, "ah-hah!" moment for me. I've been trying to come up with a good proxy for a while, with all my ideas being either too far from the wyrd style, or too expensive to be a viable proxy.

@ Lonelypath - It may just be the angle of the shot. The torso and waist matched up perfectly without any overhang. That, and it may be that the upper body has a coat on while the legs do not. This is why I am contemplating GSing the duster down over his legs.

Anyway, I picked up some liquid greenstuff last night that I'm going to try out on filling in the "dead flesh gouges" on the horse with. It will be a good first test of the new product. Then its off to the painting table!

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It looks about 34% other company miniatures, so you won't be able to use it ;)

hahaha! well I suppose that would depend on if it were an african swallow or a european swallow...

Well here is my logic. if you consider the horse and rider to each be half (thats a very small horse and a very large man...insert crude joke?), then the rider is half another companies model, so that's only 25%!

and yes, I just responded to your hazing with a ridiculous mathematical logic just so that I could make a monty python joke :+fate and a crude reference to a man that is 'larger' than a horse! :+fate:+fate

and further yes, that does all add up to the maximum :+fate:+fate:+fate on thread rebuttal! :fight:

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I'd have to say I give the liquid greenstuff a decent review. I dabbed it into the gouges in the dead horses flesh, let it set up and filed the excess even. I also gave it a go on a few seams between parts, and where it can be a bit difficult to get into some nooks, it was a heck of a lot easier than trying to use regular greenstuff and a sculpting tool.

I opted to go ahead and get the model painted, since I really wanted to use him in games. I tried to use him in a game last night and the god's of fate wouldn't have it! They cursed my deck and let me off with a warning!

Anyway, her he is in his slightly shinny glory (just sealed and hadn't had a chance to dull down yet).



Finished just in time for the flgs' 20 player, end-of-league, mega battle this Sunday!

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@ Lonelypath - It may just be the angle of the shot. The torso and waist matched up perfectly without any overhang. That, and it may be that the upper body has a coat on while the legs do not. This is why I am contemplating GSing the duster down over his legs.

By to large I mean it looked to long, I should have worded better sorry. Still very nice work though and a effective substitute :)

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Damn dude, you paint fast. I feel you could have done a little more blending/layers with the flesh on the horse there--it seems too grey-white and bland. Same with his head--there's no details brought out there. Glowing green eyes would look BOSS on that.

Otherwise, hey, not bad.

(also, you said you wanted to see the one I was working on, right? http://wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?p=339287#post339287 :) )

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