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Open Demo evening / Gaming in Cork, Ireland


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Hi folks,

I am planning on running some Malifaux demos this coming thursday 10th november.

The event will be held at open gaming on behalf of WARPS society in University College Cork, Ireland.

This is held Thursdays from 6.30pm to 10.30pm, and is held in the electrical engineering building room G1.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in trying out Malifaux, feel free to come along and check it out.



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I would thoroughly recommend going. I had a great demo evening at Micheal's house on Saturday with Phil, Matt and Abbie. We are all novices at the game so Mike set out a simple objective game of get more characters within 3 inches of a central objective than anyone else and/or have characters within that piece of area terrain (basically Stake a Claim and Claim Jump). We each had a Master and two minions. Phil had my Lilith, Terror tot and Young Nephilim; Matt had Von Schill, a Friekorpsmann and the Specialist; Abbie played Rasputina, a Silent One and an Ice Gamin; Mike had Marcus and two Silurids; and I had Ramos, the Gunsmith and a Steampunk Anachnid. Mike took us through the basics of the game - which did take a bit of time - but we were soon up and going for it. Each turn the highest draw went first and either went clockwise or anticlockwise round the players. Lilith's crew and Rasputina were soon hammering it out with the young Nephilim matured up and the tot frozen away and the Ice Gamin shattered. Rasputina kept casting a biting chill until the Mature Nephilim was down to one wound, but Lilith fought back with whirling Death and took out the Silent One and nearly finished off Rasputina. On the other side of the board the Silurids raced to the centre only to face Von Schill and the Specialist. One Silurid dropped immediately and Marcus strove in to take out the Specialist - and failed. After some tough fighting the Friekorpsmann, the Specialist and Marcus had all gone to a better place - with a bit of help from my Gunsmith. Von Schill then took some potshots at my Gunsmith and wounded him severely. The remaining Silurid raced passed Von Schill to finished off the Gunsmith but failed in the attempt and was eaten by a spider and shot at close range. My Arachnid then latched onto Von Schill and Ramos Detonated him giving a couple of wounds to Von Schill. I made an Electrical Creation which I sent over to the Rasputina / Lilith melee but they scarpered before it could do any harm. The game ended with a call to dinner from Amy with Von Schill by the Objective and Lilith on the terrain. Full points to Matt and runner up to Phil! Mike led us through our characters, giving us advice on how to use the crews to the best advantage and explaining casting, melees and shooting when we needed it. He showed us how to interact with terrain and helped us to understand the stat cards and how to make the most of our hands. He probably could have wiped us all out but instead used his crew to get us into situations where we could fight and use our crews to their best advantage. We all had a great evening and Phil is going to paint his Hamelin crew (Mike gave him some extra rats), Matt and Abbie are borrowing some Neverborn crews of mine and paint them up to use them and I am going to pull my finger out and get some painting done too! Can't wait for the next game! Amy's dinner was fantastic and we all went home tired but happy. Thanks for a brilliant evening!

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