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for the sake of Perserved bodies and Mcmourning


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I was wondering if (and by if I'm hoping that I'm wrong in assuming this is incorrect) but is a corpse counter exchanged for 2 body parts considered sacrificed or discarded?

Probably not, but if yes Mcmourning works quite well with Rafkin though I think with or without that he still holds up quite well on his own throwing poison this way and that...

I can't wait to finally try him out tomorrow

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Unfortunately the ability exchanges the corpse counters. This will mean that Rafkin's "preserve bodies" action will work best with Nicodems "Arise" action, which sacrifices corpse counters.


you can keep Rafkin near the Zombie Chihuahua and trigger of the "Get the stick!" action that discards a corpse counter within three inches.

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