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Guild v. Outcasts


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Lucius 4ss

Governor's Proxy

Warden x3

Austringer x2



Sonnia 7ss


Desperate Merc x2

Witchling Handler


Fire Gamin x3


those are 35ss lists, the Lucius one is more tested than Sonnia but I figure you can't go wrong with a fun list for Sonnia. I would break down to the mission, I know some people think "hey if I a wipe the table i'm going to win because I have more time to complete objectives..". But that isn't always a valid strategy.

I believe the first list has the best chance regardless of what the enemy brings to do the table with Outcasts. With Gremlins I can play guard the Austringer as I take out key pieces. The Wardens and Ryle are devilishly fast and can get to objectives without a care if the need arises.

Levi can kill off a model but once he is spent I have an easier time hunting down his two waifs and he isn't going to come back for a repeat performance.

Hamelin is the waiting game you can try and castle up knock out any rat catchers via Austringers but you would have to do all that in a turn or they will heal up. Conversely you can pick off any stolen and take pot shots at Hamelin himself.

Viks want a stand up fight, just tempt the Vik player with a model or two to make them commit and counter attack.

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At least one austringer. They make a leve match up one sided. and if against hamelin them and a watcher are great for taking out stolen. They are good against viks in that a austringer can snipe any weakened model and also to take out a student so they lose some of their speed on the sword vik drop so you don't have to waste a 7 point models ap taking out a wounded model. And by their built in weapon bonuses you should know they are good against gremlins.

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My Crew was


2 Austringers

3 Stalkers



I had Escape and Survive, he Had Slaughter... so I wanted models with high Df... I think next time I play Outcasts I will be taking stuff with AE... I didn't run Loco with 'Dita, which I'm seeing more and more is a mistake. I'm also not so sure Avatar Perdita is effective...

I need to pick up Lucius (the only Guild Box I don't own)....

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