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Anyone done an Arcane Effigy conversion yet?


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Has anyone done an Arcane Effigy conversion yet? I'm interested in what other people's thoughts were for it before I jump into my own. Please feel free to post some pics or ideas.

I just put an order in for an Electrical Creation


and a Gremlin Taxidermist image.php?type=T&id=16358

that I plan to use as the basis for mine, along with various tomes, scrolls and thin banner strips that I have left over from my old Scribes of Tzeentch conversion. There's some necron parts in my bitz bins I can use for the mechanical-looking arms. Hey, maybe I'll actually have a use now for Collodi's old stubby fingers! I plan to make a smaller tome out of plasticard for his face. Once I get the mini's delivered I'll throw up a WIP post.

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