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Kaeris army help

MK the Unknown

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Hi my friend wane make a Kaeris army when it comes out end of this month he going to get the starter deck.

I check the crew creator but got some questens now.

Is kaeris able to get a totem like the soul of essence when she is allone?

Also whate a decent crew for Kaeris on 35 points. Wane point out he liked the gunners.

Whate the different between kaeris and other hero. I ask this questen since she not realy got a hero title but a hechman.

Final questen can some one give a link to a site that got the skill listed of Kaeris and her crew.

thanks in advance for your adivece

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When leading a crew, Kaeris is limited to a specific selection of Minions; see the Special Forces Leader section on her list of Talents. Going by the book version (the card takes precedence, but I don't have it yet), Kaeris can only hire Minions with Smoldering Heart, M&SU Asset, or M&SU Member -- when leading a crew. Essence of Power has none of these. Since Totems are still Minions, she can't hire it when leading a crew, dearly though she may wish to do so.

However, a Henchman can also serve as a Minion in a Master-led crew. When that happens, Kaeris is no longer leading the crew, so her Special Forces Leader Talent no longer applies -- the Master is hiring the Minions, not Kaeris -- and an Essence of Power can be hired and attached to her.

Clear enough?

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Thanks for the info and link.

But whate i dont get is why can i get a essence of soul totem when i hire in my team like Rasputina but not when she allone. I got the point that MS&U membership and Smoldering heart but that doesnt explain why she cant use Essence of soul when she allone and can use when she with a hero.

It does explain it though - as a Henchmen, she has a limited selection of models to choose from - she can only choose models that are either "M&SU Assets" or "M&SU Members" - as the Essence of Power is neither, she cannot take it when she is leading the crew.

When she is not leading the crew, you can take any Arcanist models as normal, including totems, which Henchmen are allowed to attach...

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