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Battle Foam Malifaux Tournament

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We are hosting a 25 Stone Tourney here at Battle Foam HQ in Gilbert, AZ. Specific rules and structure is still be decided, however it will be from the Gaining Ground Documents.

Date: 10/16/2011 - This Sunday

Where: 240 N. Sunway Dr. Suite 101, Gilbert AZ 85233 (in the Sunrise Business Park) See pics of our amazing tables -

Gaming Saloon

Entry Fee - $5 with 100% towards prize support

Sign Up at 1:30 (feel free to RSVP Here)

Tourney begins at 2PM

I will be here running the event along with a few other BF folks, so come out even if you aren't going to play, we'd love to have people learning the game, and we may even be able to set up some demos if there is enough interest!

Feel free to call or post here with any questions or if you need any help.


The format is as follows:

Single Faction

25ss Scrap

# of rounds TBD

Fixed Shared Strategies From Expanded

0-2 Scheme's - Players pick

First 2 Rulebooks only. No Avatars. This is due to the 3'd rulebook and models not being widely available at this point.

What to Bring:

Your models Please avoid proxies as much as possible. This is to make it as easy as possible for new players. (at least 1 full crew of 20+ss)

Stat Cards for your models

Counters for your crew (scrap,corpse,etc...)

Tape Measure

Spell Markers (example: Rasputina's Ice Pillars on 50mm Bases)

Soulstone Counters (glass beads, dice, etc...)

Rule Book(s) - Mini rulebook is preferred, but not required.

Fate Decks - No playing cards please!

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Kyle we have already linked this on our norte mexico malifaux faceyspaces group... you may indeed have a few of us making the trip up(still up in the air myself, attempting to start a sunday bloodbowl league this week as well)

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Hey guys, the tournament went well. We only had 4 guys show up, but we had really good games. The next event will have more time for each round and we'll probably look into a single game per night/day style.

I hope you guys had fun and we'll have more info on our next event soon!

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I for one had a really good time -- great gamers and sportsmanship, and always a pleasure to game at the Saloon!

I didn't mind the 70 minute rounds, especially if there are several rounds in a larger tournament. Perhaps consider extra points for getting to turn three and beyond; tournament objectives and strategies instead of only the ones from the book? Not meant as a slame, just ideas -- I had a blast and will say such to my fellow Tucsonians. We'll be up for the next one!


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