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Hate runs deep


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Hate runs deep - a narrative battle report

35SS Arcanists vs. Guild

Shared Strategies: Destroy the Evidence



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3 Silurids

Blessed of December

Schemes: Grudge (Abuela Ortega, Announced)

Assassinate (Sonnia Criid)


Sonnia Criid

Purifying Flame

Samael Hopkins

Nino Ortega

Abuela Ortega


Schemes: Raid!


Playtable was mostly wood and ruins

Please keep in mind that this is my first narrative battle report and that english is not my mother-tounge.

So here is the report:

Malifaux, somewhere in the Badlands, two months after the Event

Markus knelt on a small hill, his body covered in mud and dirt. He was exhausted, broken, angry. Since the wave struck him he felt it. This primal power, this essence of the Wild. It was inside him, in his head, in his muscles. It wanted to come out. To devour. To kill.

He lowered his head, using his heightened senses to spot and sniffed. He could smell them, the blood the dried blood of their weapons, the excrements on their ragged clothing. They wouldn’t see him coming.

_ _ _

“Why do we have to be out here exactly?” Nino growled. He wasn’t used to being that far away from his family. “Would you shut up already boy”, it was the thin voice of Abuela Ortega coming out of the dark, “I haven’t teached you in being disobedient.” Samael smirked, he couldn’t stand Nino, never could.

“Three days ago we received clear evidence of an Arcanist hiding in the local woods. Out of Seven Guardsmen only one returned. The boy couldn’t even think clearly anymore. He revered to a giant creature, so powerful and wild that even a Nephilim would look like a puppy next to it. He died hours later because of a poisonous bite he received in the battle. The townsfolk is in panic. Everyday there are new stories of the “Behemot” are emerging. We have to recover the evidence that’s left and put an end to this farce.”

_ _ _

Markus could spot six of them: Sonnia, the flame witch of the Inquisition ; Samuel, her watchdog ; one of the big Executioners ; a tiny flame ; and the trigger happy menace Nino Ortega.

His eyes turned dark as he recognized the last figure in the darkness. Abuela Ortega.

The Arcanist bared his teeth. As a believer in the survival of the fittest he hated all that was week. He inhaled deeply, absorbing her smells. It was like he could feel her wrinkled skin, her weak bones, her disgracefully old body. She had to die.

He gave a nod to the three Silurids, waiting for his command, and they vanished into the darkness. They were the core of his pack, dumb creatures he only tolerated for their cruelty and efficiency in the hunt. To his right was Myranda, battle ready as always and to his left stood a new addition to his pack:

It was a gift by Rasputina, a human touched by December himself, turned into a wild beast. There was little to no resemblance with a human anymore, she was more than that now. She was like him.

He listened to the sound of the night one last time, tiny creatures scratching on trees, the sound of an owl far to the north. And then he began to run.

_ _ _

“Ready your weapons, I can sense them coming”, said Sonnia in a harsh voice, “Remember, our priority is to get hold of the evidence. Shoot at sight.”

_ _ _

Three Silurids emerged from the woods. Resisting their urge to kill, they spotted two purple glowing runes, one to the left and one to their right. They split up and with a giant leap, the solo Silurid, jumped on one of the runes.

There was a deafening crack as the rune broke and the last bits of Arcane power were released from its core.

The creature looked around in satisfaction, it could now go and feed on his prey, it thought. It got ripped in half by the claws of the giant Executioner only seconds later.

The two other Silurids couldn’t reach the second rune in time so they hid between the trees and waited.

On the left side of the ruins, Markus, the Blessed and

Myranda ran forward towards Sonnia.

Myranda ducked behind an old pile of rubble, she drew power from the nature around her and she began to transform.

Her bones cracked painfully, her muscles ripped and , after what seemed like eternity to her, she was fully transformed into a Sabertooth Cerberus.

_ _ _

Sonnia tried to remain calm. She could sense that one of the runes was already lost and that the Arcanists were near. She channeled her energy through her Purifying Flame and created a wall of flames between one of the runes and the two remaining lizard-like creatures, in the hopes to slow them down.

Nino and Samuel took cover, they had no sight of the creatures and would try to shoot them if they would appear again.

_ _ _

The situation grew tense. Markus used his magic to copy the aspects of animals to ensure his advance, he crossed a small boulder and charged Sonnia. He hit her with such might that her armour cracked under his Shillelagh but he missed her vital organs.

Myranda destroyed another rune.

The Blessed leaped on the hill Markus, Sonnia and Abuela were standing on and attacked Abuela. Again and again she attacked the old woman with her giant claws, but she couldn’t her. It was like Fate was on her side.

Abuela chittered with a grin “ Won’t even hurt me big one, I’m disappointed.”

The Silurids waited till the flames were extinguished and destroyed the third Rune. As a response Nino and Samael took shoots at them, piercing them with their bullets and watched their spasming bodies die as their live force left them.

_ _ _

Sonnia took a swing against Markus but he dodged it effortlessly. She didn’t excpect the Beast Master to be that strong of an opponent in close combat. So she engulfed herself in Flames to shield her from further assaults.

The Executioner ran back to the Matriarch, trying to save her from the hulking creatures attacks. He struck it with easy and watched at it fell to it’s knees, blood streaming from it’s mouth.

There came forth another animal out of the darkness. It was a big three headed cat but something was wrong. Her eyes they seemed human. It jumped Abuela using all it’s might, to end the old lady once and for all.

“You want to hurt an old lady like me? Come here little kitty, make yourself at home.” And really, the creature stopped in it’s movement and started to purr. Abuela readied her shotgun and shot the cat in the face point-blank.

_ _ _

“Enough!”, Markus shouted. Seeing all his creatures, even the Blessed and Myranda fall in combat, fueled his Rage. He pushed Sonnia aside and charged Abuela.

In an explosion of blood and gore, the woman simply vanished.

Covered in intestines Markus let loose a howl wich could be heard from miles away. He enjoyed the carnage. And then silence.

Sonnia pulled her broadsword out of the Arcanists Torso. She walked over to the pool of fluids that once was Abuela Ortega. She died for a reason, at least they could recover the evidence now.

As she looked up, all of the Runes had disappeared. In disbelief she turned around to the fallen Master of the Arcane arts. Nothing. No body, not even a trace. She could see Hopkins and Nino from afar. “Were is Abuelita? Were is she?” Nino screamed.

And then she heard it, a growl so deep the earth began to tremble under her feet. It cut through her body, made her shiver. The moon was covered by a giant pair of wings. It was the “Behemoth”.

Then she felt something she had not felt for a long time, terror. “Retreat”, she shouted “Retreat to the Garrison!” and then they ran.

It was a dark day for the Guild.


Result : Arcanists 4 WP

Guild 3 WP

Arcanists score a Victory

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