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Downtown Malifaux -MKII


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The only issue with those steps is you won't be able to put models on them without them falling off.. These days I always try to make sure they have a 5mm gap under each tread that the bases can slide under and models can remain on steps.

Yeap that's a concern I've been having with them. I usually use G scale rail road steps which are perfect because the base slides in and hold the model in place. But with this project I'm more concerned with having it look cohesive but to account for that most of the stair sections will be 4" long or less that way most models will be able to traverse them in one action (that said I'm going to also make placeholders for the odd times models won't stand.)

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Well, according to the almighty Wikipedia, a "S" scale railroad would be the appropriate scale for 30mm - 35mm wargaming.

"O" scale is a lot easier (and generally cheaper) to acquire. It isn't really that much larger and when you factor in base Ht actually tends to look right (a trick of the eye so to speak).

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Could you post a few pictures of Malifaux models next to the Fast Lane train set? If possible, include some of models different heights. I am thinking about ordering this set from toys-r-us but without a model next to it I am not sure this is the one i want. Thanks!

Sadly my stepdaughter had the misconception that digital cameras can swim.... or Id do that for you myself. I picked up one the Fast Lane trains about a year ago (and like most my plans.. havent gotten chance to work with it.) Models next to it look fine unless you hold them up to the doors and windows, which appear too small. When you weigh that against the price of real model RR items; I can live with it.

I seriously doubt many people will even notice the size discrepancy once everything is out on a gaming table. Very few scenery items are accurate scale; funny thing is.. if they was correct scale it would look off to most people. Its just like textures in a video game.

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