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My Malifaux boards


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I have never played miniature games before, instead I have played RPGs some 20 years.

Having read about Malifaux, seen the amazing boards that others have made and listened to various great podcasts about the game, I was sold. My initial thought was that if I wanted to play it would require a good board, so I set out to create a board, even before getting my first crew. I have never ever made anything like this before, but it was good fun and I can really see continuing to create various boards. I think these turned out ok for a newbie, so they will in the future serve as my first boards for Malifaux.

Swamp board

The first I wanted to create was a swamp board, since I found the gremlins models great. I found some very good boards/tutorials that have helped me a lot i visualising it.


Sewer board

Since i'll probarbly end up playing Ressurectionists I thought a sewer board would be good as my next board. Again the boards I have seen online have really inspired me a lot.


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Great work! Are you sure you're a newbie? Those boards look better than the stuff I make!

Quite sure. As I wrote I come from a RPG background and have never been interested in miniature games before finding out about Malifaux.

To be quite honest, it turned out to be a lot easier than I expected. It just takes time - I have spend around 15 hours and roughly £40 on making these. Half of that amount went towards the varnish I have used for water effects, which is not that isible on the images.

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