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Armoury Games & Hobbies Re-Opening Demo!


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MALIFAUX: After the Event - Moving Day!

Come join us on October 1st for a Malifaux Demo day at Armoury Games & Hobbies' new location! The quakes and the new horrors that have befallen Malifaux since the Event have the populace more frightened than ever, and they want to go back Earthside. With the Breach closed to travelling, though, they're trapped and vulnerable. Will your Crew be able to take advantage of this chaos?

Date: October 1st

Time: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Place: Armoury Games & Hobbies, 1249 4th Avenue, Prince George, BC.

Phone: 1-250-596-3065

Crew Size: 35 Soulstones (Avatars allowed)

The demos will start around 2pm, and go until 5pm. We will be playing 35 Soulstone Crews, and to celebrate the new book, Avatars are more than welcome! There will be extra Crews and decks available to anyone wishing to stop by and give the game a try. I hope to see you all there!


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