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Levi + Molly?


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Also as a (although weak) summoner, she could make full undeath crews work for Levi, because she has a use for corpse counters, whereas Levi and Alyce use corpse counters for the pathetic SPA (really, either you have 4 of them and get them into position for a Desolation Engine, or you use them to force others to put action points into it, not really much other use, the pulse is fun vs crews with lots of models, but most elitish crews will be able to cheat the few duels they did not make)

and Levi with Wk6 would be sick

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Followup Question as well, it was worth the 9SS to give him the walk 3? Just asking, I love Molly and she will most likely show up in just about every list I run, but I'm not really sure she is all that competitive an option. I'm always interested in seeing how people value the models they bring to a game for their SS cost.

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Molly is in my opinion one of the best choices for Levi...

1. +3 Wk gives Leveticus a higher range than Perdita has... 18" Walk AND still a Casting expert left is pretty nice...

2. Her summoning ability is nice as well. Rotten Belles are very, very useful for Levi. Luring enemy models into range or pushing himself for some extra walks is very nice. I very rarely can use Corpse Counters with Leveticus...

3. Ca 7 and copying Levis spells? NICE! Also her Totem should be able to cast those spells as well...

4. Giving SPAs necrotic spray also quiet nice...

5. Necrotic Machine and Philosophie of Uncerntainty + soulstone just seem wrong. Auto take-out of minions without ItI...

6. She also has two further (1) spells that aren't bad either.

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