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Making a Monster: Rogue Necromancy


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Since my stuff is in various stages of conversion and lacking paint, I'll show something finished: my first ever mini commission I got from a guy at the LGS. Rogue Necromancy! It's based off an Avatar of War cerberus with some heavy... heavy modification. I worked to his specs rather than the copying the illustration in the book, and it was a really fun project.


Fresh off the Doctor's slab. There's actually a corpse in the coffin, but it's hard to spot in these pics.


And now in color! Purple-grey (It's a bit more muted than the pics show) to match his zombies, because it's in good taste to always color coordinate your shambling living-impared monsters, you know. Gotta keep with the undead Feng shui, or something. But there were a few minor issues with that center head... But, uh, it has enough connective tissue left to where it can still bite, so I doubt he'll mind too much!

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