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Dreaming of the Sea


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So this being my first Malifaux crew, I decided to make it a little special. I come from a Warmachine and Games Workshop background, so the five model army of the Dreamer's crew seemed so small I wouldn't mind putting special touches on all of them.

The idea is that the Dreamer's having a nice dream of the sea. Lord Chompy Bits will eventually be holding a shark caught in his hands, and the non-surfing Stiched Together will be holding a Pail and Shovel. Any more neat ideas for these models, or future ones to be added to the crew? Comments/concerns/questions encouraged!


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As you said non surfing stitched, the hula stuff could be an interesting way to go, would likely be fairly unique:P Bright colours interest small children, but on the flip side, its not so scary a monster in a bright skirt so depends which way you wish to go if you consider that one, but the idea made me smile:)

For the crew its self I cant think of to much to do, but if you are going for a surfing them, then have the objective markers for the various schemes and strategy's markers as big foaming waves if you are good enough at modelling, unlike me? :)

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Only the one stitched that is already surfing will be surfing, I wasn't happy with the surf board. Maybe one more surfing model, if/when I expand the crew.

I do like the hula idea, I'll have to see if I can do it in a way that won't cover up too much of the guts spilling out.

I'm fine with the dreamer being a bit bland and just standing on the wave, but I kinda wish I had a good idea for Coppelius.

My to-do list for objectives-

Sand Castle

Beach blanket and Umbrella



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