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Seamus list with avatar and molly


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Dead Doxy's are better summond in game as they cost more to hire and you can place them where they'll be more effective (to a degree...).

I'd lose the copycat killer and swap for the Gravespirit which you can link to Sybelle (or Molly...). It gives her a much needed boost in defense v's ranged. Besides you're gonna lose Seamus's totem when he manifests...

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I'm going to try it eventually, but you are going to hit the same wall that Seamus crews had, plus a little bit extra.

As it stands you can chose, with a little creative eye squinting, to see Molly as a sort of inferior version of Seamus. She offers some movement synergy with her minions of choice (Belles and Horrors) but less then Seamus as her movement ability is an Aura.

She has the ability to become a somewhat effective Terror Bomb, but she needs to take actions to achieve this, and she needs to be up close, where I personally don't like her to be.

She has no real offensive weapons, and all her spells (Except for the one she can copy) are Wp based, so Immune to influence models really make her have a bad day.

Add to that her crew selection abilities as a Master are VERY limited. A crew lead by molly can take:

A necrotic machine or a Grave Spirit.

A Rogue Necromancy


Rotten Belles

Madam Sybelle

and up to 2 Dead Doxies

That's it. That's all she can bring along, and most of it doesn't directly synergize among themselves like the most competitive crews can. Also the Speed that her crew can maneuver at is far less than a non combat crew can realistically expect it should be. The only combat punch at all comes from the Rogue Necro, who as the sole hammer in your crew, will receive all the concentrated fire that can be directed at it, and with no abilities to really protect it or heal it, will die very swiftly in many games. Once her crew's only real dmg threat it pulled it will begin to look very bad for Molly very soon.

I will be trying her, but I think until Wyrd actually shows what they have in mind for Horrors, and actually releases more than 2 horror minion choices, Molly will still end up being a tagalong rather than a master in her own right.

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