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darth tater

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I think this is all the counters I need to make/buy bits for games.....

treasure hunt - 1 x 30mm treasure (chest or pile of gold)

line in the sand - 5 x 30mm tnt (barrels)

claim jump - 1 x 30mm claim (marker or sign?)

destroy evidence - 3 x 30mm evidence (crates/boxes)

supply wagon - 1 x 50mm wagon (anyone know a good one?)

I also need a few 30mm corpse counters (gravestones?)

I think that's everything unless I've missed any.....

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I don't know if it's anything you would need, cause not everyone uses physical counters for this, but i made a few blood counters for my Lilith crew. I saw her there in your sig and figured i would mention it.

my brother also made up two "Mysterious Effigies" for when that comes up. it says each player needs two, so i figure you would only need two and let the other guy supply his own. or you could be a cool cat and make four. ;]

Tome counters are also in book 2. now that i think about it, book 2 has a lot of 30 mm markers for terrain and strategies. haha.

anyway, i hope this helped...

EDIT: I forgot to mention, Ratty's stuff is quite handy as well. While i will admit to having the do-it-yourself bug, i keep a lot of his stuff around for "Just in case" counters on the off chance that someone doesn't have any, or we are using more than i made.

In case i haven't said this before, Thanks Ratty. ;]

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