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PW models for wicked doll?


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I do apologize if this has been addressed in another thread. I guess the title says if all can puppet wars models be used as wicked dolls in tournament play? I know John said you can use them as their Malifaux counterparts but I figure since they're dolls they could/might/maybe be used as wicked dolls.

Anyone got any insight in the matter?

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From gaining grounds:

Proxy Rules

In an Official Tournament, proxies (substitute models) are not allowed under any

circumstances, nor can a player enter a tournament with a model that has not yet been

released to the general public. For local tournaments, the TO may allow proxies if they are

deemed appropriate representations of the Wyrd model.

I would say no in a official tournament.

How ever:

Conversion Rules

Conversions are an excellent way to show off your modeling skills. In an Official

Tournament, original sculpts are allowed if the TO deems them to be accurate

representations of the models portrayed. If using a model that was converted with

manufactured pieces, no more than 33% of the finished model may be built using other

game companies’ models, while the rest must be either wholly or a combination of original

sculpt or Wyrd-manufactured pieces.

If you would do some conversion work on your puppets you could let them count as conversions for your wicked dolls.

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They have said in interviews and what not that the ranges are interchangeable. You could field an entire crew using the puppet versions of your models - as long as they are on the correct base sizes.

I'm sure that if you're only using puppets for that certain model that it would be allowed. I don't think you would be able to use various puppets as Wicked Dolls and then use Puppet Zoraida as a Zoraida.

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