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Malifaux and lots of it

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Well as I am on the tale of malifaux painters I figured I would also throw up some other pieces as well as the tale of... stuff on my own thread. I`m not much of a painter and my camera skills are non existant but I get by. Though like anyone I could always use some help so c&c is always welcome. Plus my gen con order will be appearing in here. Though its mainly random stuff but I will be onto a new Seamus crew with his alt and avatar in lead role!





Old Seamus crew:


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Reserved area!

Things to expect:

Nightmare teddy

Nightmare Justice (main part of my new Seamus crew)

Alt Seamus

Avatar Seamus

Dead Rider

Miss Demeanor

Miss Pack

Alt Zoriada

Alt Marcus

Alt Lady J

Alt Rasputina

2 sets of canine remains

Night terrors

Guild autopsies

Both Desperate Mercs

The other halfs Cult of December.

Possibly more

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