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Showgirls with Pandora?


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So, I was thinking up possibilites for a Pandora list, and something occurred to me: Would it be a good idea to take a Performer and Mannequin with Pandora?

Admittedly, that's an 8ss cost you're looking at there (Performers cost 2 extra as mercenaries instead of 1) but I think it might be worth the price with Pandora. The Performer itself causes a lot of wp duels:

:rangedTargeting a Performer with an attack requires a Wp->12 duel, which cannot be ignored by any talent.

:rangedA Performer's melee weapon can use either Cb or Wp when attacking.

:rangedThe Performer's (0) action has a model within 6" make a Wp->Wp duel.

:rangedThe spell Seduction is a Wp duel, with a trigger to allow a free melee or ranged strike at the target (keep in mind that that melee weapon can be used with Wp instead of Cb).

:rangedThe spell Siren Call is also a Wp duel and makes the target move their Wk towards the performer (which could drag them into the range of Pandora's Emotional Trauma).

:rangedThe spell Expensive Gift is also a Wp duel, which essentially steals a soulstone from your opponent and gives it to you.

The other model you get out of these 8ss is the Mannequin, which aside from having the option of giving Performers lots of buffs (And being surprisingly resilient), also has the spell Beautiful Clothes, which is another Wp duel. Oh, and the Mannequins also have Harmless, so there's a couple more Wp duels.

So, what are your thoughts? Is it possibly worth the investment?

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Forgot a feature of the Mannequins, and forgot a spell from the Performers
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For the abilities that use Wp instead of Cb, that wont matter will it? It's only when you lose a Wp->Wp duel that you lose a wound isn't it? Rather than Wp -> Df

Yeh, a duel has a type according to what stat the model is using... so if the performer is using Wp but the defender is using Df, it's a Df duel for the defender and won't cause wounds from Emo Trauma.

Overall though, she hands out a lot of Wp duels. Looks fine to me. I wouldn't say she's as good as a Lilitu but she doesn't have the requirement to include a twin (or the loss of 1 Wd/turn for fielding Lilitu alone).

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