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Levi + swarm


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So I heard about this little synergy on the Gamer's Lounge and thought I'd throw it up here for my fellow Levi players.

Let me first state that I LOVE my necropunk/killjoy trick but at 14ss it takes up a bit of my ss. So here is my alternative.

The steampunk arachnid swarm.

Levis' Blessing of Desolation gives it an auto crow to it's cb. This allows them to auto trigger overwhelm(think thats what's it called) to add paralyze to the damage. Combine this with it's already amazing melee master +2, and he becomes a beast. And as a by-product, it leaves behind scrap counters when it dies.

With all these things I will be trading this in for the punk/joy combo. Not only do I think this will help me in my game, it will free up 5ss for another model. Any suggestions on what to fill in?

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I haven't personally tried the Swarm with Levi, but I've never tried the Necropunk/KillJoy thing either, LOL. I've mostly stuck to the SPAs and Riders so far. But the Swarm with the + :crows is REALLY nice. Will probably use it sometime this weekend since we're doing 50ss Brawls, and Levi will be my primary master. :)

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