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Fall League - Games Plus/Fair Games - IL


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I found a mysterious message on my Gencon order receipt that told me to run more events. I am not one to question strange messages so I am following its orders.


Fall Tourney at Games Plus, Mount Prospect and Fair Games, Downers Grove

Games Plus

101 West Prospect Ave

Mount Prospect, IL 60056

(847) 577-9656

Fair Game

5150 Main St. Suite C

Downers Grove, IL 60515


Open play days are Monday at Games Plus, TBD at Fair Games(looking like Tuesdays) and some preplanned Saturdays. Games can be played at any time and do not need to be played during official open play.

Entry fee: $10 for prizes

More rules to come as I work out the details.

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Posting this here and on the Chicago Malifaux Group

Some updates to the Games Plus League starting tomorrow

1) Going to do 4 weeks instead of 6. I wanna gauge interest in this sorta thing before committing to anything longer.

2) I am waving any fees for this league. The good news is no one needs to pay anything to enter. The bad news is that the winners will only win bragging rights(and maybe the faction with the most points might get a small bonus at the October Story encounter tournament)

3) As I said in another email we are doing a Achievement style league. There will be a set of achievements you work on through the whole 4 weeks and then a specific set for each week. I am limiting people to 3 games a week to play in the league.

4) Since this is mostly for fun, its all on the honor system. There is no set League day. So just go out and play games and record your scores.

Attached is the score card. Please print it up if you would like to play. I will see some of you Saturday

Games Plus Fall 2011 Malifaux Achievement League.doc

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