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Hag's Territory Creepy Structure


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Here's my Hag's Territory Creepy Structure. The house was a $0.40 balsa wood puzzle model from Michael's. My wife assembled, distressed, & painted the cabin for me. All of the terrain is Premo Sculpey clay, which I hand molded and baked. I flocked it with Citadel sand & static grass, plus some ground up Quality Growers dark moss that I blended up in the food processor. I added more moss for shrubbery and growth on top of the cabin. The swamp water is dried clear varnish with a coat of dark Minwax drizzled over it for bogginess. There are some chunks of moss tossed in there to make it look gnarly.



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I finally have all the models I currently own assembled, and started painting. I went for the easiest first... the Steampunk Arachnid Swarms. Boltgun Metal base, smudged with a little bit of Apple Barrel Kelly Green "grease," and Dwarf Bronze features. Washed in Badab Black. The rocks that I glued to the bases got a basecoat of Undercoat Black. One of them got drybrushed with some Apple Barrel red tones, the other with Apple Barrel blue tones. The base was then painted Calthan Brown, and flocked with Quality Growers dried moss that got a good long spin in my Ninja (http://ninjafoodprocessor.org/).






Here's what I started with:


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Thank you! :)

I made 2 sets of homemade soulstones. I rolled little Sculpey balls and squished them with a patterned ink stamp, then baked, and did a dark colored wash. Not spectacular, but home-made, and therefore cool.



This is an interestingly shaped piece of packing material that I sprayed with granite-textured paint, and splashed a bit of black, brown & green on for a more natural look. Y'know... natural packing material. Figured it would make a cool Badlands mesa, or something. I have a second one that I painted black, with some brown highlights, and the hole in the top is splashed with bright red. Gonna try to make some kind of lava flow out of it, I believe.

I think I remember seeing someone else on this forum with a similar piece, yet-to-be-painted.



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