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Well folks, no telling how many of you I met in that line on day one when the exhibit hall opened but it was a pleasure to meet who I did. It's good to see that Wyrd is doing well and the economy didn't look so bad from that angle. Nathan was a classy guy, entertaining me and my wife with conversation while we waited in line for an hour (not the whole hour but closer to the maze at the end).

Whoever it was in the tournament at 4 PM on Thursday that stomped me so bad with Leveticus in round 1, you sir are a class act. I learned a lot in that hour or so. :)

It was a great GenCon and I'm looking forward to it next year.

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Wish I could afford to go to a 'con. No one ever comes to DC to put one on.

NOVA Open is in 2 weeks (August 25 - 28) and is in Crystal City. DC Metro goes right to the hotel.....

Lots of Malifaux going on Friday and Saturday, a Midnight Madness tournament Saturday Midnight, and lots of other stuff. I know there are still tickets open, and the Malifaux tickets are $30 for ALL the Malifaux events. Con pass if $35, including a swag bag and access to other events. Black Library author Gav Thorpe will be there, Friday night Bar Crawl, etc.

Check out the info here.

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