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Your Other Games Besides Malifaux


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Was just wondering what other games people play besides Malifaux.

I tend to cycle between a set group so I don't get burned-out playing (and painting) the same minis.

My Games:

Malifaux (SteamVictoriaWestHorrorPunk)

Flintloque (Fantasy Napoleonics)

Blitzkrieg Commander (WWII)

Future War Commander / Old Epic 40k (Nuff Said)

Lightning Strike [Jovian Chronicles] (Space Battles)


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I'm collecting Rezzers at the moment, also have Colette box and will have Dead Lady J after GenCon.


I'm focusing on Circle Orboros for Hordes and entertaining the idea of snagging up Retribution of Scyrah for Warmachine

•Warhammer 40k

Have Tau Empire and SoB. Not doing anything with them on account of the GW price hikes.

Aside from those are whatever RPG is being run.

currently: "A Song of Ice and Fire" a 'Game of Thrones' RPG.

That's not counting the various MMOs that draw my attention now and then.

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I have a bit of gaming ADD but fortunately one of my gaming buddies is just as interested in a wide variety of games we rotate weekly. I actively play these games, not merely collect the minis

Malifaux: Resurrectionists

Hell Dorado: Westerners & Demons

Dystopian Wars: Kingdom of Brittania

MERCS: Kem-Var

WarmaHordes:current army Thornfall Alliance(Farrow)

Dark Age: building my Skarrd force now

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Malifaux: Ressurectionists, Gremlins.

Blood Bowl: Goblins, Necromantic, Goblins, Humans, Goblins, Chaos Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs, Goblins.

Necromunda: Redemptionists, Delaque, Orlocks.

Gorkamorka: Rebel Grots.

Pulp City: Heavy Metal, Necroplane.

WoW: Goblin Hunter, assorted other Hunters and lesser classes (YES I WENT THERE).

EDIT - Uncharted Seas: Iron Dwarves

... Huh, that's about it actually. Used to play an all-Goblin Wolfrider army in Warhammer but my army game days are long behind me now.



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Malifaux: I have everything, but there's definitely a focus on Som'er, Leveticus, and Lillith

Hell Dorado: Saracens and The Lost

Infinity: Ariadna and, soon, Haqqislam

Dystopian Wars: FSA and Empire of the Blazing Son

Warmachine: I have Cygnar and Trollbloods, but I haven't played a game yet.

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Mostly I play:

Malifaux (Levi, 'tina, Seamus, Lady J)

Warmahordes (Cryx)

Bushido (cracking new game)(Cult of Yurei and Savage Wave)

Occasionally I play:

Dark Age (Followers of the Heretic, Brood)

Infinity (Shasvastii sectorial)

Noble Armada (House Decados)

Waiting patiently for:

Hell Dorado english book to arrive (Demons been sitting on shelf for ages!)

Spinespur stuff to arrive (slaughterhouse)

Would like to play but no one else 'round here does:



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I play other stuff so my painting regime keeps moving. In other words I don't paint enough and keep buying :(

Currently playing and painting:

Malifaux (Lilith, Seamus and Marcus)

Anima Tactics (Empire, Wissenshaft, Church and Samael)

Both of which my wife plays!

MERCS (CCC, USCR and Waza) and

Helldorado (Demons and Immortals)

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Apart from Malifaux, the list consists of WFB, 40k, Warmahordes, and really loving Bushido. Painting up an Imperial fleet for The Uncharted Seas hoping it picks up at the club, once they see my navy.

Not to keen on Infinity, but it has taken off round here so I may get sucked in. A friend keeps pushing me to Warhammet lite, or War of the Ring, and Garage Hammers Kings of War review sold me, so I am attending a day at Total Wargamer, when Mantic visit. Also some of the historicals look interesting too.

How things have changed of late, with plenty of companies providing a choice got everyone. Even GW are showing signs of improvement (hard back books, and restarting army updates in WD,) they are having to react to the increased competition. If only they realised the current pricing structure is unsustainable. Rant over sorry for derailing the post, and encouraging everyone else to stay on target.

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At the moment i'm playing Malifaux (neverborn) and 40k, orks. Also working on an 40k Death Watch army.

Beside mine mini's i've been playing alot of Arkham Horror Lately. And we started a Dark Heresy campain in witch i'm the only 40k player, and all the other players really dig the setting.

I used to play MtG, D&D, Warhammer fantasy, Mordheim, Necromunda, Inquisitor (and a couple of other GW specialist games) and alot of different boardgames. But i got burned out on most of the games. Mainly because i did'nt like the direction the game was headding, if it even got any support at all.

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Far too many, but as for what I play at the moment:

Malifaux - Guild & Outcasts

Warmachine - Khador

40k - Orks & Blood Angels

Blood Bowl - Goblins, Amazons, Humans, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Chaos, Necromantic, Undead

Flames of War - 6th Airborne

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Like most, too many systems really :)


Malifaux - Neverborn & Ressers

Warmachine - Cryx, Retribution, Cygnar, Rhulic

Hordes - Skorne

D&D - couple of groups


Largely fallen out of being played but still have minis

Warhammer Fantasy - High Elves & Wood Elves

40k - Salamanders

Necromunda - Delaque, Goliath, Escher

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