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Gaming & Demo day @Oberonn Hasselt


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First Malifaux Gaming and Demo day at Oboronn in Hasselt.

When : 3 september 2011

Location : Oberonn, Kempische steenweg 27, 3500 Hasselt http://www.oberonn.be/routeplan.htm

Time : 13:00h - ...

For those not owning a crew but like to give it a try that day pm me and we'll see what we can do.

Additional information(Dutch) can be found here.

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I also had a great time, while the more regular players where absent, quite a few new(ish) players showed up.

So there is a special thanks to our henchman HeadCase2 for helping out and making sure all had attention and help with their first steps into Malifaux.

I hope everyone had a fun time and we are are going to have a similar day organized soon.

If anyone wants another game/demo or wishes to try out another master shoot me a pm and i'll set things up.

Thanks guys.

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Since there are a few things happening, it will probably be mid to end November. Still need to check the schedules of the store.

If you like we could do another battle next week or the week after. Just let me know when you want it. Waiting for another month or more is not a fun thing to do when you just got your new models and rulebook.

So pm me to set a date.

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