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Dreamer Box Set as a first Crew?


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Hey folks,

I know malifaux is a game that you just kind of have to jump into and take your initial lumps. What is the play style of the Dreamer, however, and is it a "workable" first starter crew?

My girlfriend's friend is interested in playing, and is eying the dreamer as her first purchase. Recommended?

I don't think she will have the time or cash to buy a "easy" starter just to get used to the game. My gf and I can provide that with Seamus. But really, what hurdles will she face, and what is the general play style, of the Dreamer box?

thanks in advance, she will appreciate this.

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While Dreamer does have a slightly difficult playstyle, I personally feel that it is a very rewarding one.

Dreamer was my first boxed set, and remains my favorite master. His playstyle can best be described as a highly mobile glass cannon. Essentially Dreamer flies around the board, burrying and unburrying his minions. While burried, his minions cannot be targeted, and thus can provide Dreamer with the ability to decide when, where, and how combat will occur.

He is the second master in the game to consist of two models, but unlike the Viktorias, only one model can be on the board at a time. His counterpart Lord Chompy Bits is a melee powerhouse and is the only model in the game that has Terrifying->14 naturally. When LCB comes onto the field, Dreamer leaves, and LCB activates immediately. This is huge, as it can be used in many different tactics.

Hurdles to overcome:

-Understanding the LCB/Dreamer ineraction. They have 3 AP between them, but each can only use 2 general AP. Only one on the field at a time. One comes in, the other leaves, new one activates immediately.

-Necessity of totem. You'll need at the bare minimum of 2 Day Dreams (I usually prefer 3). The Day Dreams are your primary method of switching between the two masters as well as adding much mobility to your crew via shuffling tactics. I would recommend getting them at the same time you get the boxed set.

-Understand what burrying a model entails. A buried model does not go through the start close phase since it is not considered to be in play. This is huge, because this means you can prep them (IE, have Stitched cast Creepy Fog turn one then bury him) and then release them later in the game with the effect still going.

All in all, the Dreamer crew is one of the most versatile crews in the game, capable of killing, holding, and mobilizing. It may take longer to learn than Lilith or Lady J, but it's really worth it in the end.

For more info, check out the Dreamer tactica at the Malifaux wiki:


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I definitely recommend picking up his boxed set. The two stitched together and coppelius it comes with are extremely useful. Like I said though, you'll definitely want to pick up a pack of Daydreams when you grab the box. After the box and pack of Daydreams, I'd definitely recommend picking up Lelu and Lillitu, as they are useful with all Neverborn masters.

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