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H: PW Red Teddy W: Make Offer


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No problem sorry if I came off rude. Ty for the info as nothing was posted any more in the thread. Its going to make them rare I guess and kinda silly way to give them out once you buy the expansions you don't buy more wish it was in any malifaux product. I'll revise my offer and resend it cadilon cause now I know its way to low.

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Does it make a difference?

Absolutely it does. You are offering it based on the idea that it is rare...hence the "make me an offer". If people don't know how it was/is obtained, they have no idea what the potential worth of it is based on rarity...which is the selling point you are trying to play to. A potential buyer/trader would want to make an informed decision based on the rarity, so that they have some sort of reference point when making an offer....Otherwise they might screw themselves over.

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I am going to withdraw it for now. I heard an unconfirmed rumor that they may be released as a box set in the future. Would hate to take advantage of someone. If that rumor proves false, I might list it in the future.


HOLD UP........an Attorney with integrity!!!


Or is this some sick twisted way to raise the bidding on it.......the old Bait and Switch trick!!!

I am on to you Troy. :secruity:

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