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Perdita Avatar?

Jon Kerr

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My question is this because she is seen in the picture holding two guns is her avatar paired combat now?

maybe,but her Alt also wields two guns in the sculpt, so it may as well just be for cosmetic reasons.

with all the shots Dita gets off during one turn it's hard to believe she only has one gun^^

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Well I haven't seen the book yet its on order, but rumors (I have a few friends at the con) I heard are that she (avatar) would be more melee focused. So thematically she might have some type of paired weapon/gunfighter to make her both a ranged goodie and a melee beatstick. Granted I don't have the book yet so its strictly all based off rumour/conjecture via objective reasoning. And most models that have two weapons tend to be paired, just a guess though?

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As an Avatar she gets paired pistols (as non avatar she only has one)

She gained Diving Attack (alla Mature Nephilim) and for spells and talents she's considered a Neverborn.

She has a (0) action that causes Enemy Models to lose Flight.

She also has a trigger that allows her to gain a soulstone when she kills a model with a least 1 spell with a WP resist

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argh. It isn't Ruby, but still it is awfully close. I like the art and the model might look great, but the similarity is unfortunate and should have been avoided...


Well I know the Perdita avatar has been in the works for some time. Might have just been a matter of great minds thinking similiar things.

I think they are different enough. After all cowboys riding Dinosaurs is hardly a unique idea anyways.

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