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Looking at getting in to the game…


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Hi, so, I've been watching Wyrd since it was just a miniatures company (no game), but have only made a couple purchases, some time ago.

Last year, I stumbled upon the Nightmare version of Lord Chompy bits, and have been kicking myself for not picking him up during that opening (since I really don't care for the smaller regular model, and don't want to drop $250 (or whatever it's escalated to now) on the larger one).

What this is leading to, is that I want to pick up the Dead Justice pack, and, while I'm at it, get the limited edition merc, so I 'm interested in getting started a little, preferably with enough minis for a few options.

So, first question- what do I need other than standard gaming material (dice, terrain, etc), a deck of cards, and the minis (with their stat cards)? It looks like there are rules in the side bar, but I wasn't able to successfully open either version.

Second question- I'm hoping to have enough to start with three sets. I like the look of the Guild, Arcanists, and Outcasts (not goblins), and would hope for something that would be a good starter: hopefully something that won't be a highly unbalanced matchup, and won't involve an overly complex set of interactions (since I recognize that some of the models I'm listing are later pieces, which, from my experience, tend to be more complex).

So, of the arcanists, I was thinking about one of the following:


-Rasputina (is it advisable to field her without the imps? I like the rest of the winter theme, but not their minis. Also, I hear she's getting an alternate sculpt?

-Steamfitters (really like Ramos, less excited about the rest)

For the guild, I like

-C. Hoffman

-Lucious (? the creep with the minimal mask)

-I couldn't tell- is the Dead Justice set a playable group as both Guild and Resurrectionist complete starter sets?

For outcasts, I like Von Schill, would be getting the merc model with the package, and like the Ronin (would they run well with the rest?)

The hope would be to spend around the $100 needed for the bonus mini, and not a lot more than that (since I haven't actually played, and like the aesthetic, but don't know if I'll like the game yet)

…phew, that was a lot of questions! Thanks in advance for any advice.

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You just need terrain, models, rules, deck of cards and a measuring device to play. Tokens of some sort, like glass beads are recommended). Also, someone to play against.

The C. Hoffman boxed set runs very well out of the box, as well as the Von Schill Boxed Set. The Ronin are always good, but not as useful with Von Schill as they are with the Viktorias.

The Dead Justice box set can act as a Guild Crew, totally playable, or as minions for a Resserectionist crew. You would need to pick up a master to play the dead justice boxed as ressers.

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Thanks, another question- what is lost in getting the rules manual instead of the core book? I'm assuming something in those $20 is different… The main rules are out of stock- should I wait 'til they're in stock, or just get the core rules (note: I love fluff and characters and such, which I'm assuming is part of that difference?)

Also, I was thinking of colette, dead justice, and von schill, to give a taste of different play styles. is it better to just try two groups out, so I have more flexibility within them, or is three with little overlap fine? I get the sense that outcasts can join other groups, does that make the division less problematic?

Thanks again

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First off: Welcome to Malifaux!

Your thoughts on your crew choices are pretty solid. Colette can be a little tricky to learn to play (as well as to learn to play against) and can be a bit overwhelming. Lady J is just awesome. Von Schill is pretty bad ass. You might consider filling out choices across all three factions over time. The Viktorias with Von Schill are pretty awesome. They overlap powers pretty well.

Speaking of overlap.... I often consider building in terms of Brawls. That means two Masters that can work together, and I prefer to stay in faction, as it gets pricey hiring outside. Mercs are a TON of fun, fielding a bunch of them can get quite expensive.

I would get the Rules Manual now, and the rules books later. The rule books are GREAT buys for the fluff alone. If you like that, definitely have that in mind. The Rules Manual is a great resource to use in general, and I think it's well worth it.

I imagine you have more questions, I'll keep an eye out!

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Yeah, I've played Warmachine since the beginning, and have expanded in all directions at some point or other, but am starting to burn out on it (I feel the writing is going downhill and the rules are already escalating to silly proportions and they're running out of new ideas, so soon after the rules reboot). The point is, as much as I'll want to keep it small as an alternative system, there's a good chance my Malifaux pieces will get a lot more friends in the coming months, but I want a good starting group to test out the game.

edit- well, placed an order. I'm looking forward to trying out a new game. Thanks for all of the advice!

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I figured out how to number crunch 40k in high school, at which point I got bored of it, despite still liking the setting.

I got in to WM because it had charm and steampunk, and I feel like it's lost its charm (everything is EPIC now) and its steampunk is lessening: Farrow (mad science pig men) are about the only real addition to the steampunk aesthetic in years (rather than just redesigning something that already exists), and I frankly think they're mostly running out of ideas because of their impressive (but possibly foolhardy) release rate. The game is good, but you can only buy so many variants on stompy robots before it starts to feel redundant and like you're just doing it for the sake of minute optimization/a completionist mentality.

From what I see, Malifaux has some of that charm that got me in to WM, and I can definitely see why people might switch, especially if $30-60 gets you as fun a game as $150+ (WM) or $300+ ($40k)

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Hey there...

For the case of the rules book... though I have the first volume that is well worth the price for the stories.alone (the "fluff" changed my mind on who I was going to start as a crew and who I was looking forward to) I amplanning to get the small rules boom when my local shop gets it back in because ther is so much in there and I know I will not recall it all at the drop of a hat for a while.

Reading through the rules I think that excalating beyond two masters (brawls) is just impractical and expect Malifaux to remain small enough that my want a little bit of everything impulse will be better served in this game system then being lured back into warhammer.

Personally I really like the feel of it and cant wait to play more...

Welcome and most of all have fun...

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Hello and welcome to Malifaux. Keep some cookies on you at all times in case you run into hungry Teddies (they love cookies) and also give generously to the "Clothe the Underprivileged Mannequins! appeal ;)

Some of your questions have already been answered, but I'll give my opinion as well :)

All you need to play are models, tape measure, stat cards, playing cards (with marked Red and Black jokers (that's important)), terrain and a suitably sized table, board or area (even the floor!). You can get most of the stat cards from Book 1 in V.3 (the latest) format in the side bar along with the rules, but later on I do recommend investing in the Rules Manual, it's insanely good value for money.

Where models are concerned, they do not need to be the official ones, if you look about on here at people Plogs you'll see alot of substitute models from various ranges (like a Zoraida crew all made from Reaper's pumpkin models and so on), they just need to be on the appropriate sized bases. So if you don't like the Ice Gamins, use a model you do like instead.

Since you are starting out in the game be warned when it comes to Colette, her crew is not as easy one to start with, I'm speaking from experience. While she's still fun to play you'll lose quite heavily at first and then still lose more often than anything else before you really get the hang of her and her tricksy ways. Still, she's worth getting for the models in her crew alone, the Showgirls are my favourite models in the entire range (I wish they'd make more of them though, or release a pack of Mannequins since I see loads of suitable models to use as Showgirls form other ranges).

Rasputina is more player friendly to begin with, as is Justice (Dead or not)

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Yeah, colette was appealing b/c they're some really neat/unconventional minis. I decided to pass on them first (going with Dead Justice and Friekorps for starters), mostly because I don't want to start with trickier rules. I also got the basic mini rulebook.

Since I don't have the rules yet, is one deck enough for two people to play with, or do you both need decks?

Yeah, I have plenty of gaming materials and, conveniently, a number of Malifaux-sized minis, so that's easy. I also hear that Malifaux tends to have a lot of terrain, compared to a typical miniatures game?

Thanks, everyone, for all of your help! I'm very much looking forward to trying this system out!

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As Godspeed said a deck per person.

The game works better with more terrain I would say a minimum of 12 pieces on a 3' x 3' board.

Justice and the Friekorps do have tricks as well (everyone does) but they are really good to get to start with and expand on.

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Hey Spiralingcadaver, welcome to Malifaux! It seems as though others have already substantially answered your questions but if there's anything else I'd be happy to help (you've helped me on more than one occasion on the privateer press forums :happypuppet2). Lady J and Von Schill are both really fun boxes and should be good starters. If you're into background definitely pick up the Core rule book and the rising powers expansion at some point as the fluff is pretty engaging. Enjoy!

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A few points on buying boxsets.

I recommend the Gathering Supplies page on the Pull My Finger Wiki... http://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/Gathering+Supplies

Boxsets are all playable as they come (there is a list of the SS costs on the page above) but most of them really need an extra model or two to really work well. For instance Collette is so so out of the box but rocks when you add the Coryphee. Most games seem to be about 35 SS so its good to develop a crew to at least this level.

Secondly most players tend to start off buying within a faction. There tends to be lots of crossover between Masters so two or three Masters within a single faction makes a lot more sense for a single player than buying three different Masters from three different factions. You can still play same faction Masters against each other, if you are going to have to provide models for an opponent.

Although the mercenaries can be used with other factions, they are more expensive this way, and don't tend to be used wholesale, just one or two models at a time. Ronin are great, but I have only seen people play them with the Viks. I don't think I have ever seen them in a crew led by any other Master.

The Dead Justice boxset, is an alternative to the Lady J box, with undead versions of the same models. It apparently comes with Guild and Resurrectionist stat cards. I don't play Resurrectionists, but it doesn't seem to match any single Resser boxset, and the models included seem a bit random. Could be a good way to boost another Resurrectionist crew but doesn't look like it would perform well on its own.

Although its important to choose models you like, you might also want to think about playstyle. You'll find tactica for most of the Masters on the wiki.

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They have a very small V2 in the bottom right corner of the front of the card if they are a reprinted card from book one. Check the PDF's in the bar to your left, as not all models' cards were reprinted. Also, most Rising Powers cards do not have the V2, and may have been altered between the printing of the books and the printing of the cards themselves.

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